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Starting your own business and running it's no straight forward task, particularly once you no previous business expertise. But the thing is that how entrepreneurs are born? They begin with AN 'idea' and a dream to succeed. Defend your personal assets by incorporating your business or forming a Pvt. Limited, liability Partnership Company and other mode. We have a tendency to square measure give quick on-line services and friendly staff modifies the complicated method of business formation.

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Process of Private Limited Company Registration through Form INC-29 (More)

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A Business Plan
  • Starting a Business Creating a Business Plan
  • Starting a Business Making a Product Choice
  • Starting a Business Setting up Infrastructure
  • Starting a Business Naming and Registering a Business
  • Starting a Business Choosing a form of Business Organisation
  • Starting a Business Choosing the Location of the Industry
  • Starting a Business Pricing your Product
  • Starting a Business Regulatory Requirements
  • Starting a Business Financing a start up Business
  • Starting a Business Sourcing Process, Raw Materials, Machineries and Equipments
  • Starting a Business Hiring Human Resource
  • Growing a Business

    Growth of a business is essential for sustaining its viability, dynamism and value-enhancing capability. It reflects the ability of a company to earn higher profits and compete with the rivals in an effective manner. The three widely used measures of corporate growth are:-

    • Increase in Sales
    • Increase in Profits and
    • Increase in Assets
    A company can achieve its growth objectives
    It can open branch offices in various parts of the country as well as in other countries. Branch offices help in expanding the size of the market for a company's product by attracting more customers and widening the scope of its trading and manufacturing activities.
    A firm can also acquire a running business and grow overnight through corporate combinations like mergers, acquisitions, amalgamations and takeovers.
    What is a General business Consultation?

    Our general business consultation lets our business experts help you determine the best solutions for your idea. You'll get a 30 minute consultation with an expert to determine the business mode that is best for you, and get answers to your questions that may help you avoid costly errors.

    Benefits of LLP as Compared to Corporate Form and pvt. ltd. company.
    • Easy to Form, Run and manage.
    • Internal structure and governance through mutual agreement.
    • No Minimum Contribution
    • Less Government Intervention
    • Less requirement as to maintenance of statutory records
    • Less Compliances
    • Taxation (Income Tax) of LLP will be like general partnership.
    • No wealth Tax.
    What Is a Nonprofit corporation?
    • Functional definition: an organization that forms to,
      - Perform “public tasks” environmental protection, social service provision,
      - Perform tasks for which there is demand but no supply from for-profits or governments religious activity, art museum,
      - Influence the direction of public policy political party, issue organization.
    • Tax & regulatory definition: an organization that
      - Enjoys special tax status
      - Faces a non-distribution constraint (profit=0)

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