Pitch Your Business Idea or Mobile Apps and Get Fund

Many people have great ideas for new products or services but don’t have the means to get them to market and often look for a larger company to help them.

BEA(Bihar Entrepreneur Association) create an opportunity to pitch their idea on a business plan or mobile app and can win cash prize up to 1 lakh and non-cash benefits up to 10 lakh.  If your idea is undeniably and wonderfully brilliant, it will force someone, somewhere to change how they do something. “Pitch 4 Bihar” is a change and encourage people to deliver your best. (“पिच 4 बिहार” एक परिवर्तन है और लोगों को अपने सर्वश्रेष्ठ देने के लिए प्रोत्साहित करते हैं।), Pitch for Bihar creates an environment where people, understand the basic of your business model in the first step.

Its a Guide to winning much more with your Business Idea. you have to prepare and keep in mind few of things about your business idea.


1.Written Pitch

A pitch is a short presentation of your product, service or organization with the aim of persuading the recipient of something. It is often used to quickly inform potential customers, partners, investors or team members about a company or offer.

2. Value Proposition

– Have you described what problem or need you solve with your idea? – What makes it unique? (concept, product, business model, etc.) – Have you described the customer’s value/benefit of using your product/service? (expressed in terms of money / time / convenience / improved quality / etc.) – Have you explained why the customer should buy your product/service instead of your competitors’ products/services?

3. Customers

– Have you described who your first customer is? Motivate your choice of customers and target segment. – Have you described your customers more specifically? (for example age, gender, language, income, life style, buying behavior, personality, etc.) – How do you plan to reach your prospective customers?

4. Revenue 

– Have you described how you plan to make money with your product/service? – How much are you going to charge for your product/service and how did you come up with this price?

5. Team 

– Have you described the people in your team? What relevant experiences do the people in the team have? What is missing? Also describe how you will cover the competence gaps that need to be filled.

Submit your Business Idea at www.beabihar,com and get a chance to Pitch, if your idea is selected then you get Cash Prize as well as  non-monetary benefit like Incubation, Mentoring, technological support & ect.


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