1. A good sense of timing:Startup Ecosystem

Picking the best moment to launch your company.

2. The cleanest budget on the block:

A common mistake new business owners make is thinking as long as they can get their hands on a big enough chunk of money, they can plop it in a business checking account and surely it will suffice to cover their expenses.

3. Self-discipline:

We aren’t only talking about money here, but to be sure, exercising self-control and sticking to your budget is definitely a must.

4. Super sharp social skills:

If you and your team happen to know key people in high places (“high” in terms of their position in your industry, or “high” in terms of the number of zeros on the investment they want to give you), then fantastic

5. Flexibility:

If there’s anything that’s consistently true about launching a startup, it’s that very little will be consistently true.

6. Money:

Kind of a no-brainer, but had to throw it in here because it is definitely a thing startups need to succeed.

7. Follow-through:

Even the most thoughtful business plans, founded on the most innovative, visionary ideas, count for basically nothing if the person/people at the helm lack the perseverance, skills and knowledge to carry the whole endeavor to successful fruition.

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